Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Show me Krishna

A Devotee is asked by an Inquisitive guy
Show me God, Show me Krishna
Show me your Lord whom you adore
where is he , Let me see

How can you love a God who cannot be seen     
he says, He questions my devotion and
tells me to ask Krishna to Appear.
Well this is a very Fickle Situation

Well to Say the Truth Krishna is Everywhere
He is Inside every Atom ,and inside every Being
He is the Paramatma in every being.
Which we cannot see

Krishnas Body is not Material to be seen
by our eyes, his body is all Transcendental
to see him with our material Eyes which can see
only when there is Light ,it needs to be Rubbed
with Spl.Ointment. which you cannot get in the
market in Exchange for any Money.

So Krishna is So merciful that he Appears in
Arca Vigraha Form in the Temples so that
the Common Man can see the Lord.
Fools Deride his Form in the Temple and say that
its Just an Idol or a Stone .

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