Friday, 5 October 2018

I Found my Friend in Krishna

A True Friend Lasts a Lifetime
He'll Be there through the Thick n
thin of your Life , Helping you with
the Challenges Life throws at you

You only need one Such Friend                   
One true Friend , Rather that 10
so n so loose ones who take u for a
Ride . Lucky is One who has Found

A True Friend is Just as Important                      as finding your Soul mate is
he/she  Completes your life
I Found that My True friend is God

He is krishna who Knows whats in
my Heart , I Dont need to Open my
Mouth to Tell him, he is Inside my Heart
Krishna is there with me all the Time
Giving me Instructions,Guiding me

He is Everyone's Best Friend You Only
Need to Discover it , and you need to
fall in love with him and that is
Perfection .

Krishna is All Merciful he is always
ready to help you , Never does he Break
your heart , he keeps giving and Giving
you take one step Towards him he takes 10.

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