Wednesday, 3 October 2018

A Place Called Vrindavan

Of all the places in the World
there is one most Magical n Holy Place 
you wont find anywhere
and That place is Vrindavan 

The Land of Krishna where all the             
Pastimes of Radha & Krishna along
with his Friends have Taken Place.
 Krishnahas killed Demons over
here and awarded them Salvation

No other Place is as Holy as Vrindavan
on the Entire Earth or on the seven
Heavens . Vrindavan is the
 Representation of the Spiritual
World Goloka Vrindavan on the
Earth. Worthy are they who Stay in
Vrindavan ,even if they are not Human

Better to be a Hog in Vrindavan than to be
a man  in Mumbai or New York. Its a land
Filled with Thousands of Krishna Temples,
 Every House holder has a Temple.

Vrindavan Means Land of Tulsi Forest
the name is Derived from Vrinda devi ,
Krishnas dear Devotee, who is present in
the form of tulsi Tree. Blessed are those
who Visits Vrindavan atleast once in
their Lifetime , so Do go to see the
Blessed land of Krishna

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