Monday, 9 November 2015

The Mother & Father of the Lord

The lord has no Birth He Exists Etaernally

Yet when he comes down to Earth as an      
Avatar he takes birth from a Mother &

Oh I'm Sturk with Wonder the Original
cause of material energy is appearing to
be taking birth from Material Energy

In the Millenium of Swayambhuva Manu,
Krishna's Father Vasudeva was Sutapa , a
prajapati and his wife was prisni

They Performed Severe aurterities for
12,000 years with thier minds always
absorbed in Krishna

And when the Lord Appeared Before
 them instead of asking them for
 Liberation they asked to have the
Lord born as their Son

For the Devotees liberation is not so
Important as the Transcendental
Loving service of the Lord

Thus the Very Blessed Sutapa was given
the Benediction that the Lord would
take Birth as thier son three times

The first time the Lord took Birth as
 Prishigarbha, the second time as a
 Dwarf named Upendraand for the
third time he himself came as krishna,
the Absolute Personality of Godhead

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