Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Lord of the Gopis

Krishna is the Lord in Blue Color,
Representing the Dark Rainfilled

He Belongs to the Chandravanshis
bornin the family of yadus

Balaram is his Elder Brother & Subadhra        
devi his Sister who got married to his
 Friend Arjuna

The River Yamuna which flows near
Vrindavan where many of krishna's
Pastimes have happened is Considered
more Holy than the Sacred Ganges

The Gopis are so very blessed to be
the Embodiment of love of Krishna
that which is not attained by Saints
who meditate for Thousands of Years

Mother Lakshmi devi Yearns to be part
 of Goloka Vrindavan as a Gopi and be
 a Part of krishnas pastimes

Maa Parvati & even Loed Shiva wants
toTaste the Nectar of Bliss of being a
 gopi so they become one and take
part in Rasa leela

So Magnanimous is the Heart of krishna
that he Gives Everybody a chance to take
Part in his Wonderful Pastimes

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