Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Prince of Dwaraka

He is the Prince of Dwaraka

The Husband of 16,000 wifes who are      
Queens each having thier own Palace

They are headed by Queen Rukmini ,who
is also known to be Maha Lakshmi

All the Palaces are Perfect & Wonderful
made of Gold & decorated with Jewels

Krishna multiplies himself through his
Omnipotency & simultaneously stays
with all of his Queens

Krishna's  Omnipotencyis like a candle
lightning another Candle & another yet
the Original staying the same as before

Krishna is always full of the Five
opulences namely Wealth ,Power ,Fame,
Knowledge & Renunciation

This makes him the Supreme Personality
of Godhead Unchallenged , no one is
Greater than him & no one is Equal to him

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