Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Form of krishna

Krishna is the Lord of the Lords ,Who has
no Enemies in his Planet Goloka Vrindavan

When he comes down to Earth he Delivers      
the Demons and gives them Salvation

Oh so merciful is the Lord with the Peacock
Feather in his Head

His Body is dark Blue like that of Dark
Clouds filled with Water

Krishna wears a Yellow Silk Lower Garment
Which looks like Molten Gold

Milky White Pearls hang from his Neck
adoring his Beauty

To Top it off a Flower Garland with Multi
Coloured Flowers which Attracts many
Bumble  Bee's is worn by krishna

All this make Him so beautiful,like millions
of Cupids have come together to take the
 form  of My Love !

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