Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Touchstone of Holy Name

Thank you Lord for Setting me in the Path
of Self Realization

Thank you for giving me your Precious      
Holy Name

Now I Know the value of the Power of
Your Name Krishna

The Holy Name is a divine Touchstone
capable of burning up millions of years
of Sins

If the Holy name is Chanted Even Once
Offencelessly Liberation is Guaranteed

It is so Unfortunate that People do not
take Advantage of this Touchstone to
Purify themselves

The Holy Name of Krishna is able to
Revive even the most Heinous sinner
into a Devotee

Just like Haridas Thakur the Namaacharya
transformed the Prostitute into a Devotee

So what are you waiting for let us all
become devotees and revive our Eternal
Relationship with Krishna

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