Friday, 23 October 2015

The Lord who carries a Flute

The Supreme Lord is Krishna & his Eternal
Consort is Radha

Lord Krishna is Very Unique , he carries a    
Flute and attracts all of Vrindavan Vasis by
playing it

Whereas all other Demigods carry Weapons
in thier hands , Krishna doesn't

Krishna has no Enemies even if he has some
he grants them Liberation by Killing them

Nowhere have i seen such a merciful Lord
who liberates even his Enemies , all hail
shree Krishna

The Supreme Lord Krishna enjoys with his
Companions Playing games & Eating Sweets

Every Day is a Festival in the Abode of the

It is said Goloka Vrindavan is filled with
desire fulfilling trees and that all the three
Climates summer, Winter & Rainy Manifest
at  once over there

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