Monday, 26 October 2015

The land of Krishna

I woke up this Morning Yearning to go to

Oh it was 5 years ago that I went to the    
holy Land of Krishna

The Land where tulsi plants grow
Everywhere and where the name
' radhey ' is in the air

How blessed is river Yamuna to be in
 contact by the lords body thus becoming
even sacred than Ganga

Nothing can describe the Sacredness of
Radha kund & Shyam kund, a dip in them
 is must when you visit Vrindavan

The sacred hill Govardana, which is a
representation of Krishna himself is
circumbulated to this day by Everyone

Vrindavan is home to Thousands of
Krishna temples ,Every few blocks
there is a temple

Blessed is the Land of Krishna ,Which
sow's the seed of Bhakti to the People
who Visit this Land for their First time

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