Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Ever Blissful Lord Krishna

No where have I seen a more Blissful Lord
Than you Krishna

Taking Care of Cows & Playing with his      

You Play all kinds of Different Sports with
your Friends & Enjoy the Day to the Fullest

At Lunch you Share Butter & all the Sweet
Delicacies , all the Gopas share Food with
you & each other

You carry only a Flute from which
melodious Music Plays which Attracts all
of Vrindavan Vasis

All the Other Gods Carry Weapons with
Them, You dont Since you dont have any
Enemies in your World

Your World Goloka Vrindavan is a very
Opulent Place where Everyone forgets that
you are the Supreme Personality Of
Godhead and everyone Plays with you as
One of them

For your Energy Yogamaya makes them
Forget that you are the Supreme God and
thus they act according to the relationship
they have towards you

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