Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Goloka Vrindavan , the Supreme Abode

The Lords World Goloka Vrindavan is
Called Madhurya dham

Goloka Vrindavan is the Higest Spiritual    
Planet  one can go back to

Which is divided into Mathura, Dwaraka
 & Vrindavan

All the Queens of Krishna are there in
Dwaraka with Rukmini devi as the head

Rukmini devi is Maha lakshmi ,Krishna
has more than 16,000 Queens each with
their own palace

The land of Vreindavan in the Spiritual
World is filled with Jewels & desire
Fulfilling kalpa Vruksh

Everyone is Madly in Love with Krishna
who is the Center of attraction there along
with Radha

There are many manjaris who are
maidservaints of Radha who help & take
part in Radha Krishna Pastimes

For to Experience & take part in Radha
Krishna pastimes is Bliss Personified ,
which Everyone should be aspiring to get

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