Monday, 28 September 2015

The Lord with Different Names

My dear lord by what name should I call

You respond with Whatever Names people  
call you, oh you are so sweet

Some call you Allah, Christ, Buddah, Rama,

You are One with many names ,People of
different Cultures Worship you differently

You created different Religions so that people
of different regions & Cultures can worship
you Easily

You are so very Easily available through your
 names ,You are just a Call away

Your Chief Name is Krishna, meaning the
All Attractive Lord.

Even Happiness/Bliss Itself is your name
& Everyone hankers for it

Krishna when you have left this world
you have left yourself, your Pastimes &
your Form in your Name

Taking the name would deliver Endless
Millions life's of Sins & Deliver one to
your Kingdom

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