Monday, 14 September 2015

Krishna the Butter Thief

Hes the most wanted butter thief in all
of Vrindavan

His house has no scarcity of delisious butter    
 Krishna Store
Yet he steals butter in every House of his town

Everyone complains of Naughty Krishna to
Yashoda Maa

Krishna Puts on an Innocent Face as if  they      
are making up False accusations against him

Krishna is the king of Butter Thief's ,he's
called Maakhan Chor

All the Gopas & Monkeys assist Krishna in
his quest for Butter

They Distribute it to Each other after a
Succesful operation & celebrate the day

Hey Krishna! So Sweet are your pastimes
that just by hearing them makes me forget
this World, What not to Say to Experience
it First hand in Goloka Vrindavan