Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Krishna , My True Friend

Krishna You are my only True relation I have

All others are Temporary and last only this

oh, I can Talk & see all these People who      
are there for a temporary phase of my

When i lose one of them ,I'm Reminded    
you are the only true Friend I have

But Krishna ,Why do you Play hard to get?
This I cannot understand

Krishna you are a Ocean of mercy, Please
forgive us for the Sins we have commited
and reveal yourself to us

Let us be an Instrument in your Pastimes ,
We all want to play with you like small
children for eternity

I know you are hearing me as I write this
poem, and you are giving me the
remembrance power to write all these lines

Dont hide Krishna, Reveal yourself ,
let me see you and let me be mesmerised
by your Splendour , For there is no other
friend like you anywhere

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