Saturday, 19 September 2015

Krishna the Magnanimous Lord

Hey Krishna ! I'm such a Sinner Unworthy of
you  still you Shower your mercy on me

I'm so fallen that not able to recognise            
your mercy ,I Rebel against you

I ask you to fulfill a desire not knowing that
you have reserved something Hundred times
better than what I've asked for

I'm like a Heart shaped balloon & you are
the air in it

Nothing happens by chance ,Everything in
Everyones life is going according to your
MasterPlan ,the plan which takes Everyone
to the Spiritual  World

I beg you Krishna so that I would be able to
see your mercy in every aspect of my Life
and be thankful to you

Oh my dear father you are specially inclined
to the sons ,who are favourably disposed
towards you

Hey Krishna ,Shatter my Ego into Pieces
and drown me in devotional service and
Ultimately Grace me with Krishna Prema


  1. Reminds me of many old testament psalms. Thank you for sharing. The oneness of the great I AM has an unimaginable love and forgiveness for all His creation. Here is another physical representation of that love: John 3:16.

    1. God is one , We all call him Through different names , Just like the Sun is called is called different names in Different languages