Thursday, 17 September 2015

Krishna at Kurukshetra

Lord Krishna's on the Battlefield at Kurukshetra
with Arjun

Fear Personified is afraid of Krishna, Krishna    
says he'll only take part as Arjuns charioteer

The two sides are not evenly matched in
Numbers but with Krishna on Pandava's
side their Victory is Guarenteed

Krishna has killed Everyone on the enemy side
just by casting his mere look.

And since they have died seeing Krishna the
soldiers attain Moksha (liberation)

No one can stop krishna if he wants to save you
& no one can stop Krishna if he wants to Kill you

At Kurukshetra ,"The Song of God" Bhagavad Gita
was sung

Where Krishna as Supreme god &Arjun as his
Devotee Renewed the lost Parampara

This Bhagavat Gita ia all that a Man needs to
Perfect his Life & get Out of this Ocean of Samsara.

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