Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I have no Attraction Towards your Name

Hey Krishna! You have Fully Manifested
Yourself in your names

So much so that just by Purely chanting    
Your Name Once one can deliver oneself
from the Cycle of Birth and Death

Your Name Chanted once can Destroy
Millions of lifetimes of Sins commited

Oh but I have no attraction to your name
Such a Sinner n Unlucky I am

Oh merciful Lord you keep taking
Incarnations for the protection of your

You take form in Each Avatar according to
what your devotee Imagins you

No where have I seen such a person like you
 my lord , you let yourself be Conqured by
your devotees love towards you

You reciprocate to that Extenct to what your
devotee reciprocates to you if not more, No
Relationship is more Sweet than our
Relationship with you

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