Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I am a Particle Of Dust, My Lord

oh Lord I am all but a Particle of Dust When
Compared to You

You are like an Endless desert full of sand
particles like me who rest onto you

Let me rest on your Cool Feet , Let me be
Stamped Upon by you

Your Lotus Feet are the resting Place of
Great Saints & Devotees

Reserve me a Place there so that I can
attain Eternal service onto you & feel Bliss

Even Mahajans like Lord Brahma & Lord
Shiva have the utmost respect for the dust
 of your Feet

They Keep your Feet's dust on their heads
So that they would be Purified by it

Oh lord you rarely give yourself to anyone,
but when anyone does bhakti towards you
& loves you,You are easily Conquered by them

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