Monday, 21 September 2015

Inside My Mothers Womb with Krishna

I was born Suffering in my Mothers

The worms & germs in there made me  

In the womb Krishna was there with
meTalking to me

Telling me how bad a World I am going
to Enter and told me not to forget him

Going through all the suffering in there
krishna was the only solace

Krishna told me to remember him every
moment when i enter this world

Be Self-Realized, Perfect the Goal of
getting a Human life and return home
back to godhead

Oh Krishna ! What a shame I wasted
all my childhood and youth ,now
I have to start from Scratch


  1. If that isn't a true Chrstian sentiment then I don't know what is. Sheep in other folds who hear the voice of the same shepherd is reality. Can we all ever Stand for that? Can our vanity in our given FAITH ever realize That the LOVE of the creator is greater? Till then. John 3:16.

    1. The Love of God Is Like an Ocean Uncomparable , Even your mothers love cannot be compared to Gods love to you