Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I have no Attraction Towards your Name

Hey Krishna! You have Fully Manifested
Yourself in your names

So much so that just by Purely chanting    
Your Name Once one can deliver oneself
from the Cycle of Birth and Death

Your Name Chanted once can Destroy
Millions of lifetimes of Sins commited

Oh but I have no attraction to your name
Such a Sinner n Unlucky I am

Oh merciful Lord you keep taking
Incarnations for the protection of your

You take form in Each Avatar according to
what your devotee Imagins you

No where have I seen such a person like you
 my lord , you let yourself be Conqured by
your devotees love towards you

You reciprocate to that Extenct to what your
devotee reciprocates to you if not more, No
Relationship is more Sweet than our
Relationship with you

Monday, 28 September 2015

The Lord with Different Names

My dear lord by what name should I call

You respond with Whatever Names people  
call you, oh you are so sweet

Some call you Allah, Christ, Buddah, Rama,

You are One with many names ,People of
different Cultures Worship you differently

You created different Religions so that people
of different regions & Cultures can worship
you Easily

You are so very Easily available through your
 names ,You are just a Call away

Your Chief Name is Krishna, meaning the
All Attractive Lord.

Even Happiness/Bliss Itself is your name
& Everyone hankers for it

Krishna when you have left this world
you have left yourself, your Pastimes &
your Form in your Name

Taking the name would deliver Endless
Millions life's of Sins & Deliver one to
your Kingdom

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Childhood in Vrindavan with Krishna

Krishna you are mine & I am yours

You are like a Magnet that attracts me,        
Please  draw me towards you

I'm your friend lets play childhood games
together, we'll be drenched in bliss

Lets Play Cricket you are the captain of 
one team & Balaram of the other

I feel so good to bat alongside you lets 
build a partnership to save our team

how can I repay you Krishna for giving 
me these Ever youthful Eternal days

Lets steal some butter butter for lunch
& wreck havok in the village

Krishna lets play with our calves till dusk
and return home to have a good nights Sleep

Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Divine Love of RadheKrishna

Radha Krishna the divine Couple are engrossed
in love

Radhe looks into the lotus Eyes of Krishna with
Sheer Concentration

The Divine Couple are drenched in Prema ,
Forgetting Everything else around them

Only Radha can Satisfy Krishna's thirst for

Everyone in Vrindavan go " Radhey Radhey "
So that they can gain Radha's favor

If Krishna is the Paramatma residing in our
body then radha is the soul of krishna himself

Radha also has her majaris who serve her and
help in Radha krishna pastimes

So much is the peak of Seperation Radha feels
in Love for krishna that krishna took birth as
Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to Experience it

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Krishna , My True Friend

Krishna You are my only True relation I have

All others are Temporary and last only this

oh, I can Talk & see all these People who      
are there for a temporary phase of my

When i lose one of them ,I'm Reminded    
you are the only true Friend I have

But Krishna ,Why do you Play hard to get?
This I cannot understand

Krishna you are a Ocean of mercy, Please
forgive us for the Sins we have commited
and reveal yourself to us

Let us be an Instrument in your Pastimes ,
We all want to play with you like small
children for eternity

I know you are hearing me as I write this
poem, and you are giving me the
remembrance power to write all these lines

Dont hide Krishna, Reveal yourself ,
let me see you and let me be mesmerised
by your Splendour , For there is no other
friend like you anywhere

Monday, 21 September 2015

Inside My Mothers Womb with Krishna

I was born Suffering in my Mothers

The worms & germs in there made me  

In the womb Krishna was there with
meTalking to me

Telling me how bad a World I am going
to Enter and told me not to forget him

Going through all the suffering in there
krishna was the only solace

Krishna told me to remember him every
moment when i enter this world

Be Self-Realized, Perfect the Goal of
getting a Human life and return home
back to godhead

Oh Krishna ! What a shame I wasted
all my childhood and youth ,now
I have to start from Scratch

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Krishna the Magnanimous Lord

Hey Krishna ! I'm such a Sinner Unworthy of
you  still you Shower your mercy on me

I'm so fallen that not able to recognise            
your mercy ,I Rebel against you

I ask you to fulfill a desire not knowing that
you have reserved something Hundred times
better than what I've asked for

I'm like a Heart shaped balloon & you are
the air in it

Nothing happens by chance ,Everything in
Everyones life is going according to your
MasterPlan ,the plan which takes Everyone
to the Spiritual  World

I beg you Krishna so that I would be able to
see your mercy in every aspect of my Life
and be thankful to you

Oh my dear father you are specially inclined
to the sons ,who are favourably disposed
towards you

Hey Krishna ,Shatter my Ego into Pieces
and drown me in devotional service and
Ultimately Grace me with Krishna Prema

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Krishna at Kurukshetra

Lord Krishna's on the Battlefield at Kurukshetra
with Arjun

Fear Personified is afraid of Krishna, Krishna    
says he'll only take part as Arjuns charioteer

The two sides are not evenly matched in
Numbers but with Krishna on Pandava's
side their Victory is Guarenteed

Krishna has killed Everyone on the enemy side
just by casting his mere look.

And since they have died seeing Krishna the
soldiers attain Moksha (liberation)

No one can stop krishna if he wants to save you
& no one can stop Krishna if he wants to Kill you

At Kurukshetra ,"The Song of God" Bhagavad Gita
was sung

Where Krishna as Supreme god &Arjun as his
Devotee Renewed the lost Parampara

This Bhagavat Gita ia all that a Man needs to
Perfect his Life & get Out of this Ocean of Samsara.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I am a Particle Of Dust, My Lord

oh Lord I am all but a Particle of Dust When
Compared to You

You are like an Endless desert full of sand
particles like me who rest onto you

Let me rest on your Cool Feet , Let me be
Stamped Upon by you

Your Lotus Feet are the resting Place of
Great Saints & Devotees

Reserve me a Place there so that I can
attain Eternal service onto you & feel Bliss

Even Mahajans like Lord Brahma & Lord
Shiva have the utmost respect for the dust
 of your Feet

They Keep your Feet's dust on their heads
So that they would be Purified by it

Oh lord you rarely give yourself to anyone,
but when anyone does bhakti towards you
& loves you,You are easily Conquered by them

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Call To You

I wake up Every morning to call you again
& again during Japa

Only in the hope that someday you would          
answer me back in your voice

No One is able to Aptly Describe Your bodily
Color ,Hey krishna ,I'd like to see that to myself        

Let me not Faint by having your Darshan,
Let me fill my Eyes with your Magnifacent Form

Krishna you are an ocean of mercy, give me a
drop of that ocean

So that you would Ignite my krishna Prema
Towards you

Let me always have a taste for chanting your

So that through the name ,the form & Pastimes
 would be revealed

Monday, 14 September 2015

Krishna the Butter Thief

Hes the most wanted butter thief in all
of Vrindavan

His house has no scarcity of delisious butter    
 Krishna Store
Yet he steals butter in every House of his town

Everyone complains of Naughty Krishna to
Yashoda Maa

Krishna Puts on an Innocent Face as if  they      
are making up False accusations against him

Krishna is the king of Butter Thief's ,he's
called Maakhan Chor

All the Gopas & Monkeys assist Krishna in
his quest for Butter

They Distribute it to Each other after a
Succesful operation & celebrate the day

Hey Krishna! So Sweet are your pastimes
that just by hearing them makes me forget
this World, What not to Say to Experience
it First hand in Goloka Vrindavan

Sunday, 13 September 2015

I Feel Empty Inside

I Feel Empty Inside ,with holes on me    

I feel like I'm Krishnas flute, Let the
music flow

Krishna touches me with his red lips,
ohh so soft

And Breathes the Life air into me

Then Krishna collects the cream of music
and lets it out through me

All the VRaj Vasis become Enchanted
 by hearing it

As if they are Hypnotised ,they come like
Bumble bees towards krishna

No one anywhere can match the Zing of
Krishnas Flute music

Oh they envy, Everyone of the gopis that
the Flute always stays with krishna.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Krishna The Enchanter

The Lord with Lotus Eyes and lotus feet,      
we bow to you

One smile of ours and we become enchanted

Hear our Cries and show yourself by
putting the spiritual ointment to our eyes

So that we may see your memorising form,
Plz dont make big n hard rules 

For revealing yourself to your devoteees,
for they hanker for a glimpse of you

Wake us from our sleep if we are sleeping in 

As we can no loner stand this seperation 
from you

Hey krishna! Hey Radhey! Stay with us and 
let us remember you every moment

And make this Journey back to Godhead Full 
of Sweetness. 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Attracted to Krishna

He is the son of two mothers,the heartbeat  
of Vrindavan

The Life of Radharani and the Lord of
the world

Krishna the name is all attractive sweet like

We are Bumble Bees drawn to it , trying to
get a taste of it.

Krishna Yearns "When we will return home
back to his Kingdom? "

There we play with him,eat & make
merry with Krishna

oh Krishna speak to me for im longing
to hear you

Say that you love me for i have expressed
my feelings to you

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Cry for Krishna

I save my tears for you
Oh Such a joy there is in crying for you

Let me drown in the ocean of my tears

I'll be waiting for you to pick me up Krishna

Take me beside you and take me to your
planet Goloka

Let me always rest at your Lotus Feet

Let me collect the sand particles you
leave and place them on my head

Hey krishna! I hanker for a place in
Your Pastimes, for to live with you
is Perfection.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My heart is Stolen By krishna

He is the Epitome Of Beauty , Beauty

Everyone runs after him, No wonder
My heart is stolen by him.

Hey Krishna, Hey Radhey ,the supreme
 father and mother

When will the day come when i rest in
his lap

Krishna My eternal Friend,Lover &

I want to find my relationship with you,
For that will water my sapling of love
 for him.

All i want to do is Please krishna, For
when he is pleased my life is Succesful

Let me be Engrossed in Sri Krishna
 Sankirtanam,For there is no other Cresent
Jewel like it.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Quest For Happiness

In the quest for happiness

I searched here, I Searched there                  
When I got To Vrindavan , My search
 reached its destination

In Krishna I rest, The All Attractive lord

The enchanter of Cupid, Madanamohana

All the golden qualities rest on him ,

one who Loves him gets the same

I rest on his Lotus Feet, the whole world
gets Purified through the ganges water

Flowing through the touch of his feet
all hail my sweet Lord sree Krishna

Monday, 7 September 2015

Krishna is Everywhere

He's Inside me, he's outside me

He guides me ,the inner voice  
Krishna as paramathma, I find him within

Hmmmm... When will i turn to face him

My Love ,Let me always remember him
every moment

Of the one whose inside my heart, Yet i
Search him Everywhere

oh Krishna reveal yourself, I'm Eager for a
Glimpse of your Darshan

You are all the Realationships I can make in
 this material world and more....

Coz you and I are Eternal

My Sweet Lord

He's my Lord ,my Only Lord                                   

He's Deep Blue, call him Dark Skies
His Sweet Smiles , a Zillion Intoxicating
Drinks Put Together

I fell for Him, cant Get Out

Krishna show yourself, Lend me your hand

Take me home, take us all

Wake us all from the Dream we are in .