Monday, 15 October 2018

Who Loves Me

I Spent my Life searching who
Loves me , was it a Girl,
was it my Friend , was it my
Parents , was it my sister

Who Truely Loves me
I searched Years together                       
All these were not Long lasting
They would break as time Passes

I even Lost my Mother ,she Died
Prematurely, its said Mothers
Love towards her son is
the One Genuine Love .

All other Love in this Material world
is Lust. But That also had an End
as Time passed. I Searched for that one
Person who would Love me Eternally
,Unconditionally and keep on Giving.

That Person was Lord Krishna , the all
Attractive Blissful Lord . who is the
father ,Friend & Lover of Every
Individual Soul .

Krishna is always there when you need
You Need to Chant on Beads to Keep
association with Him .We Need to chant
Hare Krishna Maha mantra to Keep in
Touch with him and to serve him.

To serve Krishna is the Mantra of Life
Its the Goal of Human Life and it Brings
Immense Satisfaction and Bliss to one
when we Please krishna.

The Hare Krishna Maha Mantra :

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama hare Hare

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Monday, 8 October 2018

I Lost my Heart in Vrindavan

For Every Radha Krishna devotee
Vrindavan is a Must Visit Destination
Its a Touch of magic in Their Lives
The Holy Land of Krishna is Divine

It Marks a Start of Transformation         
in their Lives and the seed of
Bhakti starts to Grow into a Tree .
Theres love in the Air ,Krishna
Prema Everywhere

Oh what a Place is Vrindavan
Everyone calls out Radhey Radhey
Sweet Melody in the Air ,
Tulsi Plants Everywhere You see

Once you Visit this Place you Yearn
to Visit again and again, ooh  Krishna
Calls you come n Visit Again and
Again because i have Lost my Heart in

Do Visit Vrindavan atleast Once if
You Havent . Its a Wonderful Place
to come. And im sure you'll Lose
your Heart in Vrindavan as well
thats the secret of this land

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Friday, 5 October 2018

I Found my Friend in Krishna

A True Friend Lasts a Lifetime
He'll Be there through the Thick n
thin of your Life , Helping you with
the Challenges Life throws at you

You only need one Such Friend                   
One true Friend , Rather that 10
so n so loose ones who take u for a
Ride . Lucky is One who has Found

A True Friend is Just as Important                      as finding your Soul mate is
he/she  Completes your life
I Found that My True friend is God

He is krishna who Knows whats in
my Heart , I Dont need to Open my
Mouth to Tell him, he is Inside my Heart
Krishna is there with me all the Time
Giving me Instructions,Guiding me

He is Everyone's Best Friend You Only
Need to Discover it , and you need to
fall in love with him and that is
Perfection .

Krishna is All Merciful he is always
ready to help you , Never does he Break
your heart , he keeps giving and Giving
you take one step Towards him he takes 10.

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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

A Place Called Vrindavan

Of all the places in the World
there is one most Magical n Holy Place 
you wont find anywhere
and That place is Vrindavan 

The Land of Krishna where all the             
Pastimes of Radha & Krishna along
with his Friends have Taken Place.
 Krishnahas killed Demons over
here and awarded them Salvation

No other Place is as Holy as Vrindavan
on the Entire Earth or on the seven
Heavens . Vrindavan is the
 Representation of the Spiritual
World Goloka Vrindavan on the
Earth. Worthy are they who Stay in
Vrindavan ,even if they are not Human

Better to be a Hog in Vrindavan than to be
a man  in Mumbai or New York. Its a land
Filled with Thousands of Krishna Temples,
 Every House holder has a Temple.

Vrindavan Means Land of Tulsi Forest
the name is Derived from Vrinda devi ,
Krishnas dear Devotee, who is present in
the form of tulsi Tree. Blessed are those
who Visits Vrindavan atleast once in
their Lifetime , so Do go to see the
Blessed land of Krishna

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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Show me Krishna

A Devotee is asked by an Inquisitive guy
Show me God, Show me Krishna
Show me your Lord whom you adore
where is he , Let me see

How can you love a God who cannot be seen     
he says, He questions my devotion and
tells me to ask Krishna to Appear.
Well this is a very Fickle Situation

Well to Say the Truth Krishna is Everywhere
He is Inside every Atom ,and inside every Being
He is the Paramatma in every being.
Which we cannot see

Krishnas Body is not Material to be seen
by our eyes, his body is all Transcendental
to see him with our material Eyes which can see
only when there is Light ,it needs to be Rubbed
with Spl.Ointment. which you cannot get in the
market in Exchange for any Money.

So Krishna is So merciful that he Appears in
Arca Vigraha Form in the Temples so that
the Common Man can see the Lord.
Fools Deride his Form in the Temple and say that
its Just an Idol or a Stone .

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Lord of All

Krishna is the All Wonderful Lord                                               
Who Gives Intelligence to The Seekers
Who Grants Wishes to the Desirers
and the one who grants Eternal Bliss to
the Devotee

The Lord is Worshiped by Different names
by Different people in as many Religions
Though the name might Differ the Lord is same
His Chief name is Krishna, the All Attractive

Krishna even Bestows Intelligence to the Atheist
Remembrance and Forgetfulness is Caused by the Lord
Krishna is All Merciful , Our Most
& Best Eternal Wellwisher
We have Forgotten Krishna , We have to Re establish
our Relationship with Krishna to Get Relief from the
suffering of this material World.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Cry for the Lord

I used to Cry when in Despair

I cry when i Suffer

Then i would Cry for the Lord
calling him when im in Pain

I've Heard that a Father would
Respond to a Childs Cry                                  
Those days I had none to Turn to But    
to Cry and call for Krishna

Alas ,the times have Changed

Now My Heart has Changed to Stone

Altough Suffering I Cry no more
and i cannot call for the Lord

How can Cry and call back to my Lord
although its not entirely out of Devotion

My lord how insensitive i have become
towards your sons due to false ego in me

I dont know what stops me from
Heartfully Crying for you Since
This World is Full of Suffering
and is Temporary.